Upcoming Events!


October 1st, 2010: FIRST FRIDAY IS ON!! we will be featuring the Grotesquerie Illustratoins by Michael D Bonifiglio from 6:30pm-9pm

October 2nd, 2010: CELEBRATION OF THE FALL WEST AFRICAN & BRAZILLIAN DRUM DANCE PARTY! 4-7pm With your help, we have our permit to make some noise in this place!

Bring your percussion instruments, dancn feet, and appetite to enjoy this sweet time. Croatan Studios will be leading this fun time with West African and Brazillian instruments as well as some sweet moves…come join the fusion and celebrate the coming of Fall on York St!!
OH! and there will be sweet drink discounts in the hours of the music!!

October 7, 2010: Book Club & Discussion, “Code of the Street” by Elijah Anderson. meeting every thursday until November 18th! The senseless crime in the inner city represents a complex, though ultimately self-defeating, set of social mores. These mores, called “codes,” stress a hyperinflated sense of manhood through verbal boasts, drug selling, sexual prowess, and–ultimately–violence and death.At the heart of the code is the issue of respect,” Anderson writes, “loosely defined as being treated ‘right’ or being granted one’s ‘props’ (or proper due) or the deference one deserves.” Anderson reveals a world where unemployment is rampant, teenage pregnancy is common, and social and educational achievement is viewed as “acting white.” Although Anderson states that racism is a major factor for this condition, he notes that this type of behavior is further exacerbated by modern economic and political forces, and that it has existed as far back as ancient Rome.
As an African American himself, Anderson moves through the middle- and lower-class Philadelphia neighborhoods with ease, interviewing a variety of subjects, all of whom deal daily with consequences of urban decay–from the high-achieving young woman who had to reject her poorer relatives to better herself, to the former delinquent who tries to go straight after returning from prison. For Anderson, these are the true heroes of Code of the Street: people who overcome the temptations of the streets to help create a better space for the next generation.

October 8, 2010: Bluegrass & Folk Picking Hour 6:30pm-8:30pm. come bring your banjo, violin, guitar, or some other beautiful instrument and rally ’round the circle sharing and creating new songs! i think it will be  a sweet chill eve.

October 11, 2010: Knitterly Mondays. 5-7pm thats right..bring those needles and circle up! 🙂 it has been a lovely time of diverse people gathering around the yarn. Every second monday of the month!

Ocotber 16, 2010: BRING YOUR WORDS! 7pm-9pm bring your what? your words..thats right. songs, prose, poetry, stanzas…its time for your voice to be heard. come share with us:)

October 22, 2010: Music, Resistance, & Worldwide Revolution Film Series! somethin’ new for our spot. monthly films!! pretty exciting… we will be showing Soul Power,

Presented in conjunction with the landmark “Rumble in the Jungle” boxing match between famed pugilists Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, Zaire ’74 was a three-day music festival in Kinshasa that was organized by South African musician Hugh Masekela and American record producer Stewart Levine, and featured performances by such famed musicians as James Brown, Bill Withers, and B.B. King, among others. Many of the American musicians performing at Zaire ’74 had been emboldened by the American Civil Rights movement, and saw their journey to Africa as a unique opportunity not just to perform for a new set of enthusiastic fans, but to explore their roots as well


2 responses to “Upcoming Events!

  1. I Love the concept and that great write up in the empowerment group’s entrepreneur spotlight. I have several upcoming events that I would like to engage you in. I also definitely want to support your vision sister, Lets talk soon.

    How does Friday late afternoon around 3pm sound? Feel free to call me. 347-445-7784

    Monica Montgomery
    Urban Momentum Network
    Ambition. Altruism. Action!

  2. Great idea for folk music sing along in the mysterious back room! I hope to be there, bringing some friends 🙂 Thanks for your action and adventure!

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