Some links of interest:)

Circle of Hope

We are a circle of hope in Jesus Christ
Called to be a safe place to explore and express God’s love

Croatan Studio

The Psalters music and art school looking to be a center of cultural enrichment in Philadelphia

move to the beat of the Breeze

My personal blog—walkn’. writin’. listenin’. come join.

Philly Voices for Life

Philly Voices for Life is a grassroots group working to spread awareness and respect for human life in the City of Brotherly Love.

Laterza Coffee

The coffee I sell. Beautiful partners helping push my passion to possibility. Direct Trade. Artisan beans. Organic. Freshly roasted:)

Hope Beyond Borders

A group of people who strive to collaborate with communities in identifying, empowering and mobilizing local leadership teams with training and resources.

East Kensington Neighborhood Association (EKNA)

EKNA’s mission is to organize the voice, concerns, and the action of EK residents. Geographically E.K. is bounded by Norris Street to the South, Frankford and Trenton Ave to the East, Lehigh Ave to the North, and Front Street/Kensington Ave. to the West.


One response to “Some links of interest:)

  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on your successful new cafe!

    Norris Square Neighborhood Project (NSNP) is a community driven organization located at 2141 N. Howard St. in West Kensington. NSNP serves the youth of the community through after-school and summer programming for youth K-12, and NSNP also has programs supporting and empowering neighborhood women. NSNP and community members worked collaboratively with Pennsylvania Horticultural Society over the last two decades to establish and develop community gardens in the Norris Square neighborhood. On September 12, 2010 NSNP will open the award winning gardens for self guided during the Festival de Flores Celebration. The celebration will include traditional Puerto Rican food, music, dancing, and door prizes. Entrance to the festival is through Las Parcelas Garden, 2244 N. Palethorp St. Other gardens open for tours will be Raices, and Villa Africana Colobó. Admission is free (suggested donation $10). Information: 215-634-2227, .

    We would love for you, your staff, and friends to join us. Additionally, if there is an opportunity to promote the event to customers we would be interested in doing so. Thanks so much. We hope to see you there.

    Please feel free to contact me for any additional information:

    Welcome to the neighborhood!!!!!


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