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Poll Question: How are you affected by War

April 2011

That song, “Low Rider” by WAR rocks my sox

I want to have hot water sturdy bridges, and plenty of food. To have these things I must pay taxes to support a government that starts secret wars against other people who only want these things too. This makes everything I do an act of war against all my brothers and sisters overseas.

I decided not to pay taxes to the war this year

Give war a chance

Lost the best job I ever had. But life is not too bad now.

I’m affected by the incredible sadness and helplessness that many civilians are suffering.

I weep…

How can you not be affected by the war?

Gas prices immediately g up

Just another experience

Seeing two of my friends turned into a hamburger after an RPG round hit them, will be with me for the rest of my life- stupid, pointless, war.

It hurts my heart to know that innocent peoples lives and homes get destroyed

I worry about my brother, who is employed by the u.s. military

Rising gas, food prices. Fear of atomic attack. Fear of apocalypse. Some are also desensitized by violence and d**ed apathetic

Tuition goes up. Budget cuts go up. War spending goes up.

I keep dying.

I drink heavily and use heroin

My G.E. stock continues to rise.

Wake up! War costs: 550 Million dollars every ten days. Does this government really care about us as US citizens???? Why all this money does not stay with us?? *info taken from Time Magazine April 2011

Not at all.

Vote for Ron Paul 2012 J

Affected by the ridiculous gas prices as well as the lives lost overseas. Would love to bring the troops home.

War: a false excuse to destroy cultures, diversity, identity and makes the humanity indifferent towards pain and need. Sadly, the history repeats itself… there is nothing new under the sun

Makes me ashamed of my country

War! Ha! What is it good for. Absolutely nothing.

A blighted soul

I’m praying for it L

In Kensington, I have a number of young black men say that they only have 2 choices, to either join the military or become a drug dealer.

I was affected by gamma radiation from an experiment. So now when I get mad, I turn into a monster.

War makes us all angry and broke.

2 of my cousins are in Iraq

Makes me miss and worry about my friends

I wish the US would stop making war on other nations


War = ?? Let’s just say I wonder what would happen to our foreign relations if we used all those hundreds of billions on humanitarian aid instead of million dollar missiles to blow up sand castles.


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