Leotah’s Place Coffeehouse Mission

Leotah’s Place Coffeehouse is a warm, welcoming space for neighbors to congregate; a hub for both community activism and greater cultural awareness, and a comfortable venue where people from all walks of life can enjoy delicious, affordable coffee and other goods.

*Providing affordable coffee & goods

Leotah’s Place will focus on the diversity of the neighborhood; we will be able to be affordable and also thrive as a cost-effective business by using local distributors, offering dollar coffee to expand our market base, as well as selling high-end espresso drinks.  By limiting these costs and as owners, making only what we need, we will be able to reinvest more into the business and into strengthening its ties to the community at large.

*Supporting Local & Eco-Conscious Distributors

Leotah’s Place will use recycled & eco-friendly goods from a nearby supplier, sell baked goods from local, independent bakers, and employ neighbors.  This practice of creating ties with local businesses will strengthen the value of the Coffeehouse to its community. Some local businesses that we will be using are LAP distributors, Merrymead Farms, Turner’s Bakery, Greensgrow Farms, and PJP Marketplace.

*Center for Cultural Enrichment

The Kensington neighborhood embraces many diverse cultural identities and we hope to bring them together while appreciating the unique nature of each. We will do this by having monthly educational focuses, English- and Spanish-language menus, music from many countries, and goods that reflect the diversity of our neighborhood.

*Community Awareness

Kensington has a rich history of families who have lived here for many generations.  They have an intricate understanding of the neighborhood power that exists and also for the areas of life that they would like to change. There are also many new, young and ambitious folk to the neighborhood that are waiting for opportunities to use their talents in the community. We will be a warm place that encourages people to link with local organizations and design neighbor-informed projects. We will become a center for education regarding current Philadelphia issues, creating conversations & connections for active change.

*More Than A Coffeehouse

Kensington is in need of life-giving businesses to provide a relational environment and creative outlets. We will fulfill this by offering a welcoming fun space to be utilized for awareness, art, and recreation for all types of demographics in the neighborhood.

·        Overflowing mug concept: cup ‘o’ love

Care for customers and fellow employees

·        Bulletin board of community events

·        Venue for local artists

·        Kids corner

·        English and Spanish classes

·        Host of events, such as games, open mic nights, and skill shares

·        Guest lectures and discussion


5 responses to “Mission

  1. Andy Campbell just told me about you guys…Love your mission. I have dreams of opening a coffee shop around us some day, but I have fears about the neighborhood not being able to support it.

  2. Hello Grace Royer told my girlfriend about your coffee shop and mission. Really like it. My name is John Christmas and Im a professional lacrosse player.
    My name is John Christmas and Im a professional lacrosse player. Ive started this shoe/apparel company called Encore (www.encorebrand.com). The lead shoe designer has been in the industry for 20 plus years and has worked with Nike, Reebok, Vans, Airwalk, Timberland along with countless other companies. We will be sponsoring artists, photographers, athletes, skateboarders, musicians, and even chess players. I want the brand to be associated with people from all walks of life. Since I started the brand in philly a percentage of the proceeds will go to 2 local non- profits (www.leapslax.org) and (http://muralarts.org/). We hope that the sponsorship of the right people along with the quality product we are producing will give us a formidable portfolio of a top brand. Our goal is to have Encore be recognized as an international brand while being closely involved in the community in which it was spawned from as well as many others. This will help create a sense that that brand is local brand in whatever non-profits in whichever city we decide to link up with. I think there could be some synergy here but Im not sure how yet. Look forward to chatting with you.

  3. I can’t tell how pumped I am that my favorite coffee shop has a post from my second favorite lacrosse player, Jonathan Christmas ( my son is my favorite lax player!). Hope you guys keep this shop alive…I keep running into old friends whenever I stop in. ..oh and I love the coffee club plan!

  4. Since its opening moment, Leotah’s Place has been an inspiration to me as a teacher in one of the neighborhood schools with a need for a space in which to meet colleagues for thoughtful discussion and excellent coffees and foods.

  5. Hello! I am one half of Puppet Master and we would like to find out more about performance opportunities at Leotah’s Place.

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