Location and Hours

Come visit us at:

2033 E York St (at Coral)! in East Kensington.

off the York/Dauphin stop of the Market Frankford Train!

Phone: 267.519.9031


Monday: 7am – 7pm

Tuesday:  7am – 7pm

Wednesday: 7am – 7pm

Thursday:  7am – 7pm

Friday:  7am – 7pm

Saturday:  9am – 7pm

Sunday: 9am – 5pm

We are open til 9pm when we have events. so please keep up to date with whats goin’ on at Leotah’s. there are three rooms, so when we have an event, there is more space to be separate from the event if you just want to hang out:)


One response to “Location and Hours

  1. Hi there,

    I came by last night for Dave Aponte’s and Geb the Great Cackler’s show and wanted to reach out to you! I really enjoyed it and wanted to gauge your interest in another First Friday event, this time with an artist I represent named Daniel Wilder. He lives and works in South Philly, where he creates art using his signature technique called Ovalism. His website is http://www.ovalism.com. Let me know what you think and I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Holidays!

    Jen Miller
    Loudseed Creative Marketing
    (267) 261-1050

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