Our Journey

My name is Brittney Lewis “blew.” Born and raised in Virginia,  I moved to Philly in 2006 to go to Acting school at University of the Arts, where i learned to further connect and understand the many kinds of people that make up the city. After two years of training I realized that my next step was to start a coffeehouse in Philadelphia. So i took an entrepreneur course through the Empowerment Group which gave me skills to actually start a business! very exciting:)

Having over 6 years of coffee & customer service experience, I partnered with Habitat For Community, in Ohio, an advocate of the third place non-profit organization run by a friend, Les, to help coffeehouse start-ups through portable espresso machines and coffee sales. He connected me  with all the equipment needed for a travel coffeehouse (espresso machine, grinder, beans) with an agreement to get people to buy a bag of their delicious coffee (direct trade, organic, & fresh) every week for 6 months—with the costs  paying off the machine.  

Thus began Leotah’s Place Travel Coffeehouse, named in honor of my mother’s legacy. Mary Leotah was a beautiful mother who taught me how to fix her coffee once i learned to have grips on objects, as well as the importance of hospitality, relationships, and listening to others to create change. i understand the resonance of a motherly warm 3rd place for a neighborhood, and i’m excited to dive right in!

I recently partnered up with dear friends, Kristen & Edward Baskin-Stephens, to help push through the obstacles and open up a permanent coffeehouse, acting as a life giving business in the Kensington neighborhood. At the moment we are hosting & catering events with the travel coffeehouse, such as weddings, fundraisers, concerts, festivals, and other gatherings. We understand the importance of a place, creating a safe environment for the neighborhood as well as to become center of connection for people, art, other cultures, and discussion in order to create change in our streets.

blew n kristen


3 responses to “Our Journey

  1. I am so excited for this coffehouse!! I miss You!

  2. Marquita Hamilton

    This the most FANTASTIC news! God has blessed you, in deed. I’m sure the windows of heaven have yet to open their fullest! Get ready for the downpour, lady!

  3. Lauren Walker

    Britt! This is amazing! I can’t wait to come by and check it out. I remember when I ran into you about a year ago and you were telling me about this coffeehouse. I’m so happy for you.

    ps. I think I saw you riding your bike last night on Emerald. 🙂

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