6.3.11-Friday: First Friday: Glimpses of Haiti  6:30pm-9pm

Johanna Berrigan of The House of Grace Catholic Worker Movement will be displaying her photos and talking about their work in Haiti in helping establish a health care project: Kay Lasante. Project Kay Lasante’s goal is lato provide health care, health education, and disease prevention services. She will be showin some slides and sharing her story. come check it out! 🙂

6.3-4.11-Friday: Art Shop Garden Festival

We will be present at this sweet festival at Circle of Hope @ Frankford & Norris. Come celebrate the season with local artists and gardeners, displaying and selling their work. Friday from 6pm-10pm, Saturday from 10am-2pm. Come say hello!

6.7.11-Tuesday: Film Lover’s Night: The Cruise 6:30pm-9pm

….a really eccentric tour guide in New York City and this kind of soul searching double decker bus tour he runs called The Cruise.

6.11.11-Saturday: Norris Square Festival!

Come Celebrate Norris Square! Vendors and love in the park between Howard & Palethorpe on Susquehanna

6.25.11-Saturday: Bring Your Words 7pm-9pm  (starts promptly)

A chill night of poetry, prose, song, verse.. a vehicle to change and be changed…

6.3.11-Thursday: Knitterly Night! 6pm-9pm

A time to gather and knit, chat, and meet new stitches and people!

MONDAY -FRIDAY: Happy Hour.———>  4-6pm 50 cents off all Lattes!


  • We will be starting to sell some Food Co-op Dried goods!
  • We also will be phasing out our prepared sandwiches and bringin’ in WAFFLES! J

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