May Newsletter

5.6.11-Friday: First Friday: Featuring Holly Dixon  6:30pm-9pm

Holly Dixon is a practicing artist living in Philadelphia. Her work simulates memories which otherwise could not occur in an urban demographic. Native to a rural environment, Dixon shares her experiences with the wild through paintings and drawings recalled from memories outside urban life. Her work engages viewers onto a platform of thought that negotiates time, space, and the mysticism of the natural world.

5.10.11-Tuesday: Film Lover’s Night: Black Orpheus 6:30pm-9pm

5.21.11-Saturday: Trenton Arts Fest ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

Come check us out at a booth selling iced coffee & tea, as well as some whole beans! At the ‘house’ we will be celebrating our One Year Anniversary!  With 25% off all drinksJ come say hello!:)

5.26.11-Thursday: Knitterly Nights! 6pm-9pm

A time to gather and knit, chat, and meet new stitches and people!

EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT: Book Club Meets 7:30pm-9pm



MONDAY -FRIDAY: Happy Hour.———>  4-6pm 50 cents off all Lattes!


  • We will be starting to sell some Food Co-op Dried goods!
  • We also will be phasing out our prepared sandwiches and bringin’ in WAFFLES!

2 responses to “May Newsletter

  1. Definetly check out this new talent – Holly Dixons paintings are fresh and intriguing. She has a unique point of view coupled with a sense of humor and fine drawing and painting skills. Not to be missed!

  2. Seen your fliers on some telephone poles! The place sounds awesome and full of culture, keep up the good work.

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