Leotah’s Buyin’ Club! :)

Leotah’s Buyin’ Club!

Starting February 18th we will be starting our Buying club! The milk will be provided by family owned Merrymead Farms! (Local & rBST Hormone Free!), as well as Orange Juice and Apple Cider! We will be adding more items as time goes on (ie eggs, cheese, yogurt, dried goods).

Merrymead’s milk is produced, processed, packaged and sold right on the farm premises! Cows graze and are beautifully taken care of. Taste the difference! They have been awarded the State DHIA quality milk award every year since 2001 and also have received the platinum dairy quality award based on milk measures, protocols, and safeguards. The Platinum Award is distributed by the NMC, a leading organization on milk quality in the United States.

Items for orderWhole Milk, 2% Milk, Skim Milk, Chocolate Milk, Heavy Cream, Half & Half, Orange Juice, & Apple Cider!

First Orders in by Tuesday, February 15th!

Orders accepted by the Previous Tuesday of your scheduled pick up. Pick up days are the following Friday or Saturday.

If you are interested or need more details check out our online order form!


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