Beans & Gift Cards for Christmas! :)

Hey yall, 

just reminding you of our hot gift ideas for this chilly holiday season:) & our store closing times:)

3 1/2 Days remaining!! 🙂 until we are closed for holidays.

Drink gift cards! (see prices below)

Have you tried our Dorothy Day Latte?

or our Leonard Peltier Latte? 
We have delicious and fun drinks for anyone to enjoy!

Direct trade & Organic Coffee Beans.. yum

Roasted by an Artisan Roastarie, La Terza. our beans are flavorful, aromic & helps in efforts to create fully sustainable farms in other countries!

Right now we offer Community Blend (a blend of Indonesian & Central American beans. Medium Roast, Citrus, Nutty,and lively!. the proceeds of this roast goes towards a foundation that helps 3rd places (like our coffeehouse) start up!)

12 oz- $11, 1 lb- $14, 8oz- $7

And our Single Origin Indian Monsoon Malabar (deep, rich, earthy, & spicy! 🙂 one of our most beautiful beans yet to into Leotah’s:)

12 oz- $12, 1 lb- $15, 8oz- $8


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