Whats happenin! :)

πŸ™‚ hello hello

so most of you know that we had to postpone the opening. we needed some more time to prepare:) and we used that time actively and PASEED OUR INSPECTION yesterday! πŸ™‚

here’s the next set of events:

May 21: GRAND OPENING! 6pm, 2033 E York St (at Coral)

We finally made it!!! we are opening indeed!
thanks for all of you that have painted, swept, gave da mula, cleaned, planted plants, spilled some sweat, and danced!

if we didnt have help, kristen and i would not be openin’ if your hands were not giving…so….

west african and brazillian drums and dance along with 1/2 drinks!!!

come celebrate with us!!

May 22: Representing at the Trenton arts festival

June 19: 1st Year Anniversary of Bring Your Words! 7pm


our other project with the coffeehouse include a used book store and space to sell locally made crafts and authors words. if you are interested, please email us asap! πŸ™‚ the spots are goin fast! πŸ™‚


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