March is here:)

hope your day is going sweetly:)

we recently signed a lease on a future space for Leotah’s Place Coffeehouse!! so exciting:) york and coral in the beautiful east kensington neighborhood….if yall walk by, take a look and smile for us;) sending good positive vibes to the space. we are in the process of requesting a zoning use permit from the city and startin our health code shiznaz. kristen and i are pushing toward securing more funding, organizing our partnership :), getting the space ready, and taking prayers & support as they come! ūüôā¬†
where will we be present in March? 

march 12: Haiti Fundraiser, featuring Kent Anan. 7pm, 1125 s. broad st at Circle of Hope

Kent is co-director of¬†Haiti¬†Partners, which helps Haitians change¬†Haiti¬†through education. He’s also the author of the book, Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle. According to Shane Claiborne, it’s a story “filled with the hope that there is a God who can set free both the oppressed and the oppressors.‚ÄĚ

march 20: BRING YOUR WORDS, 7pm-10:30pm 2007 Frankford ave. 

come share your poetry, song, stories, and prose with those willing to listen. a warm night over lattes, tea, and hot chocolate.


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