Leotah’s Place More than a coffeehouse…a motherly inspiration…a warm place to unite, engage, and empower you and your neighbor

just lettn you know about LPs progress and next events. Next events: First Friday (9/4) At Circle of hope 2009 Frankford Ave, 6pm & First Saturday (9/5) Bring Your Words same place, 7pm BYW everyfirstsat

Also my progress: I found a location. (York & Coral streets of the Kensington neighborhood). its beautiful. good location. cheap rent, willing to sell. However, i feel far from opening up a coffeehouse….even though my impatient self thinks differently. I have realized that i need more coffee buyers in order to pay of my machine by october. whatever coffee sales i do not have, i have to pay out of pocket to reach those goals. i have half the amount of coffee sales currently. and am establishing new ways in getting partners. The events are going well, however, i am just making enough over my expenses every night. I am trying to develope ways of keeping events rolling, creating a positive environment, as well as gaining funds to create an established business. The business plan is a big deal. I have sketches, concepts, and ideas that i need to put in the correct order and fluidity to attract investors and loan agencies. Things are happening. i can tend to get burried by many of them. ”

My goal is to establish a coffeehouse in Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia bringing a place where the neighbors can find rest, support, work, and a positive space to bring together the different flavors of the community. Composed mostly of African Americans, Vietnamese, Polish, Irish, Dominican and Puerto Rican working families, the these neighborhoods are in need of life giving businesses to provide a relational environment, activities, affordable goods, awareness & empowerment of resources, and creative outlets to tackle the high rates of crime and drugs and improve self-worth. A majority of the small businesses in Kensington are bars, adult movies, and shops that are not geared on helping gain relationships to improve the streets to be a positive place in raising families. I know that Leotah’s Place will act as a positive place to generate connections and conversations igniting these needs”

i hope to send out tangible newsletters soon.

Please keep me in your prayers. thank you. Here are my goals

Create a concrete business plan– Get more partners to buy coffee to pay off machine–Plan a meeting with Circle Venture about partnering–Get more supplies New Website–Get ready for The Life Project


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