Need Partners for the Life Project

Hey yall.

Through Leotah’s Place traveling coffeehouse, my goal is to be apart of and host events that are crazy beautiful, and life changing, connecting people together to honesty and great things/people happenin’ in the city.

One series of events that i am interested in doing is the “Fill-In” Project. Each Project event would be a themed time (ie, earth project, kensington project, Philadelphia jail project, What-Is-Crazy? project, Water Project, Park Project, ect—just some ideas;)), put on twice a year for artists (performing and visual), organizations (more around the non-profit area), and COH Mission teams to bring their voice that is connected to the theme of the evening.

October 23rd 2009, will be The Life Project

a night of focused exposure, connections, & discussion 

A. We need Artists and Performers of all mediums

-you could either create art that is focused on the Life theme

-or bring pieces that are already done that is already linked with “life”

-i am not against pieces being sold as well:)

-for performers, i want to have a set list of people and then have a few slots for open mic (poetry, song, stories, ect)

B. We need organizations that want publicity if they are working in a field around the theme ‘life’

-i am interested in having some of the Circle Venture Teams apart of this event. let me know if it works (ie, Refugee Team, Psalters, Brotherly Love…)

-idea of having booths set up, and a time to do brief explanations of what you do, why you do it, on the stage

-trying to stay local. but if there are some awsome things going on on the national level, that would be cool too.

-Philly Voices for Life will be apart of this event:)

C. We need speakers

-I know there are people passionate about what they are doing. i want you to come speak. with a time limit of course. 

-maybe linked to a nonprofit that will be a booth  


Contact me:)

and if you have any suggestions let me know too:)


~PEACE TO YOU~ and im really excited Blew<>


One response to “Need Partners for the Life Project

  1. I just wanted to say how proud I am of you. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to come and visit when you are up and running.

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