Interested in LP’s Services

Hello hello!

Interested in having fancy, sweet, lattes at your event in the Philadelphia area? Well you have come to the right business.


I am available to cater meetings, weddings, festivals, and other gatherings to bring the comfort of lattes.


Milk— whole, skim, soy

Flavors–Hazelnut, Choc0late, Vanilla, French Vanilla, Caramel

Iced and Hot

Two styles of presentation— Motherly home or Classy Sharp (when it comes to the types of mugs and glasses as well as the caterers apparel)

I am in the middle of constructing an online order form. Until then, be free to call me at 215.749.2114 or email at with your inquires.


One response to “Interested in LP’s Services

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your event on the 23rd on Broad St. Please keep me updated for future events. Take care. Jack

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