Past Events

6/19/09 — Spokenword/Storytelln/Poetry night @ 2114 E York St, Philly PA 19125, 7pm

Bring your words

Inviting you to this sweet night of words accompanied by sweet creamy lattes. I have a few guests artists that will share their work, however, i am also encouraging others to bring their writing:) I hope that this time brings encouragement, exposure, and hope for all that attend:)
The event is free! lattes are cheap! Invite your neighbors and friends:)
I plan to have a Bring Your Words once a month! but let me know, by your presence, if its worth it! 🙂

6/20/09 — New Jerusalem Block Party Fundraiser, 2011 W. Norris St, Philly PA 19121, 10am-2pm


6/20/09 — Circle Thrift Black Women’s Arts Festival Fundraiser, 2233 Frankford Ave Philly PA 19125, 4pm-7pm

Grab your friends and come shop for a good cause!! Recession friendly must have items: $3 shoes, $4 shirts, $4 skirts, $4 pants, housewares, children’s clothing, and vintage pieces.

You can feel good getting so much for so little and 50% of all sales benefit The 6th Annual Black Women’s Arts Festival!!


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