Need some help. Want some coffee?

Hello all those coffee drinkers and people who would love to support a project to embrace the neighborhood!!

My name is blew and i am undergoing a project in philadelphia, and to move forward i need some help. Some of you may know that i am interested in starting a coffeehouse in the neighborhood to have a space to connect to others and be a positive space in philly. Some of you may also know that i wanted to pause the project for a little while, feeling extremely overwhelmed.
well. i realize i need to be doing something. and i want to start small and be at events and hold events selling coffee, spreading the word of a soon-to-be coffeehouse, Leotah’s Place, and connecting the neighborhood to good stuff! I have connected with a friend in Ohio, Les. He is a beautiful man of God who loves coffee. He introduced a program to me that i do not want to refuse, making it possible for me to travel with coffee (get an affordable portable espresso machine) and help me out. and this is where i need your help.
i need 20 people to buy $10 of coffee (12oz) a week for 6 months! this amount will cover the rest of the costs for the espresso machine, adding up to $2,000 (which is the most expensive component of a coffeehouse).
However i also know that 12oz may be too much for folks, so here are some other ways:
12oz of coffee two weeks ($20 a month) or 12oz of coffee a month ($10 a month)
The coffee is really good:)—> La Terza. They are well known in barrista competitions, organic, direct trade, and freshly roasted for your coffee pot.
I will take donations too! considering that there is a lot of start up costs (approx. $400 more dollars that i do not have) to begin.
and i love you.
if any one wants to know more about what i am doing or interested in joining this project, give me an email at or a letter at 2114 E York St, Philadelphia PA 19125.
sweet news. peace to you!


One response to “Need some help. Want some coffee?

  1. Blew, the coffee I got from you has been awesome! I love the smell it makes in the house. So fresh it draws everyone’s attention!

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